As one of the top street artists that represent MIA, internationally renowned – KAZILLA is famous for creating true ‘performance art’. Painting live murals and works of art in the spotlight for a myriad of audiences, such as leading recording artists and their masses of onlookers, museums, exclusive events, major brands, print and TV.  To most it would be a bit unnerving, asked to make a masterpiece in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of eyes, all watching your every move and mistake. Using the pressure and constant critique to her advantage, Kazilla has mastered the art of “free hand”, “working your mistakes, instead of your mistakes working you”, “speed painting” and the “minute masterpiece”. The best part of KAZILLA’s “work” is that 95% of her live work is indeed free handed.

KAZILLA’s style bounds between the street arts and fine arts. A native of New Mexico, she currently resides & works from her studio/gallery in Little Haiti, Miami. After moving to the east coast in 2007, her work transcended street art, and combined her two styles of fine art and graffiti to create an edgy, colorful clash of two very different worlds. Often using various mediums to create her distinctive style, there is always a level of experimentation in every piece, keeping the work fresh and dynamic. Organic themes infused with feminine figures, surreal landscapes, geometric patterns and vibrant colors create a daunting visual feast for all audiences.

Although Kazilla brightens the Miami landscape with murals and street art almost daily, she is also a regular globe trotter – hitting the streets the world over to leave her mark, and her art. In addition to creating cutting edge street art, Kazilla also paints live at events for performers such as Wu-Tang Clan, The Marleys, Chaka Khan and Timbaland, and for brands like Adidas, Converse, Guess, Choice Hotels, Oxygen Network, & Societe Perrier to name a few. Her fine art endeavors include establishments such as the Museum of Art, both in Ft. Lauderdale and Coral Gables, Miami MOMA, and galleries in NYC, LA, DC, & Dubai. In her off hours she also works as a performance artist, designer, muralist, photographer, producer, musician, philanthropist, and consultant.