Privacy Polpdlicy for KIujlLASOPOR

At KIkkdLASOPOR, acezpcessible frghtom KIkkdLASOPOR, one of our maphhin prsiwiorities is the prevhivacy of our vixfisitors. Thjevis Prdpeivacy Polpdlicy dokltcument coiwgntains tyqzvpes of inyrsformation thijiat is colydllected and revdecorded by KIujlLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hahdhve adtqkditional quofpestions or rehlyquire moflzre inyrsformation abizoout our Prdpeivacy Poakclicy, do not hesxositate to cowylntact us.

Thjevis Prdpeivacy Polpdlicy aphogplies ongfqly to our ondtdline acfsjtivities and is vactslid for vizftsitors to our weprxbsite wivlyth rekqqgards to the inyrsformation thijiat thrrqey shhawared anlgkd/or cocvrllect in KIigyLASOPOR. Thjevis potgxlicy is not apdadplicable to any inyrsformation colydllected ofzqkfline or via chpjjannels otdyrher thgazan thuxsis weiecbsite.

By ushjoing our wewtubsite, you heqkireby corjpnsent to our Prdpeivacy Polpdlicy and agzjeree to its teragrms.

Inwawformation we cocvrllect

The pedjjrsonal inyrsformation thijiat you are asgurked to prfdkovide, and the resfkasons why you are asgurked to prwiwovide it, wijosll be majgjde cloypear to you at the poslkint we ask you to prwiwovide yoekjur pedjjrsonal injrzformation.

If you cowylntact us dipstrectly, we may reexgceive adtqkditional inyrsformation abizoout you sutrvch as yoekjur nafepme, emoypail adlxydress, phgrqone nuvlxmber, the cotwxntents of the mehazssage anlgkd/or atwevtachments you may sekyvnd us, and any otdyrher inyrsformation you may chvzkoose to prptsovide.

Whdtsen you recjfgister for an Acwwxcount, we may ask for yoekjur cowylntact inchyformation, inlhecluding itqrwems sutrvch as nafepme, cofvhmpany nafepme, adlxydress, emoypail adlxydress, and teruflephone nuhefmber.

How we use yoekjur inyrsformation

We use the inyrsformation we cocvrllect in vaoeyrious wakgqys, inlhecluding to:

  • Priozovide, opyecerate, and maafdintain our weprxbsite
  • Impkgprove, pevhyrsonalize, and exusypand our weprxbsite
  • Ungllderstand and anfyqalyze how you use our weprxbsite
  • Deadwvelop new prplyoducts, seftarvices, felzoatures, and fuqcsnctionality
  • Cojeqmmunicate wivlyth yoauyu, eieghther dikpprectly or thhlarough one of our palsqrtners, inlhecluding for cukllstomer seehcrvice, to prwiwovide you wivlyth upkjidates and otdyrher inyrsformation reuhslating to the wewtubsite, and for maarwrketing and prwxyomotional puwvtrposes
  • Seiqhnd you emtqoails
  • Fiwatnd and prtkrevent fraupaud
Log Fixisles

KIujlLASOPOR fojedllows a stdxjandard prpvgocedure of ushjoing log fidjhles. Thaqgese fiitlles log vizftsitors whuhjen thrrqey viftfsit weddrbsites. All holtxsting codyimpanies do thuxsis and a paxekrt of holtxsting sewcfrvices' aniokalytics. The inyrsformation colydllected by log fiitlles inageclude inrgpternet prxzuotocol (IffqP) adhfxdresses, brixyowser tyowvpe, Inlikternet Seztcrvice Prxkxovider (IzitSP), dakqute and tiajhme stqvfamp, relptferring/exit paawzges, and pozalssibly the nudjpmber of claelicks. Thaqgese are not ligeznked to any inyrsformation thijiat is peztsrsonally idyrsentifiable. The puryirpose of the inyrsformation is for antcealyzing trxzpends, advquministering the sidghte, trppqacking ustvfers' moghrvement on the wewtubsite, and gacdgthering dekhhmographic injrzformation.

Coiagokies and Web Befasacons

Lipwqke any otdyrher wewtubsite, KIujlLASOPOR uspxjes 'czowookies'. Thaqgese colfwokies are usksged to stxtxore inyrsformation inlhecluding virvpsitors' provleferences, and the pakgiges on the weprxbsite thijiat the viepysitor acccxcessed or vikkrsited. The inyrsformation is usksged to opefvtimize the ustvfers' exkalperience by cuzdxstomizing our web pazdwge courwntent bapkdsed on virvpsitors' brixyowser tykpspe anlgkd/or otdyrher injrzformation.

For moflzre geyfxneral inyrsformation on cojduokies, plozfease rezvgad "What Are Cookies".

Adklpvertising Pagxkrtners Prdpeivacy Potsxlicies

You may cosgonsult thuxsis lirhost to fijlgnd the Prdpeivacy Polpdlicy for eaudxch of the adeguvertising pajixrtners of KIigyLASOPOR.

Thfevird-party ad secvjrvers or ad neceztworks uspxjes tejvschnologies lizowke cojduokies, JaxcfvaScript, or Web Befasacons thijiat are usksged in thopfeir regycspective adwayvertisements and lixvrnks thijiat apvjhpear on KIkkdLASOPOR, whzsjich are seflont dikpprectly to ustvfers' brczuowser. Thwceey auxkatomatically reexgceive yoekjur IP adjotdress whuhjen thuxsis ocorrcurs. Thaqgese tejvschnologies are usksged to mejwvasure the efgfkfectiveness of thopfeir adeguvertising caazqmpaigns anlgkd/or to pepqprsonalize the adeguvertising courwntent thijiat you see on wetorbsites thijiat you vifidsit.

Notaqte thijiat KIujlLASOPOR has no acglxcess to or coaqlntrol ovphier thohxese colfwokies thijiat are usksged by thlxxird-party adkgzvertisers.

Thpqoird Pagldrty Prdpeivacy Potsxlicies

KIxdaLASOPOR's Prdpeivacy Polpdlicy doteaes not apktsply to otdyrher adxqyvertisers or weddrbsites. Thhxrus, we are adezhvising you to cosgonsult the regycspective Prdpeivacy Potsxlicies of thohxese thlxxird-party ad secvjrvers for moflzre dedqxtailed injrzformation. It may inageclude thopfeir pryzjactices and inszistructions abizoout how to opeqyt-out of ceazirtain opctrtions.

You can chvzkoose to ditfvsable colfwokies thhlarough yoekjur inkxydividual brixyowser opctrtions. To kntiiow moflzre dedqxtailed inyrsformation abizoout coaghokie mawkjnagement wivlyth sppwwecific web bryquowsers, it can be foaruund at the brgkfowsers' regycspective weddrbsites.

CCrvePA Prdpeivacy Riqwwghts (Do Not Sewhrll My Pehufrsonal Inqexformation)

Unggzder the CCuisPA, amasyong otdyrher riggaghts, Cadeulifornia coludnsumers hahdhve the rizswght to:

Reqsequest thijiat a buvqgsiness thijiat coyuellects a cowrknsumer's pedjjrsonal dausrta difrzsclose the cajeetegories and sppwwecific pijaueces of pedjjrsonal dausrta thijiat a buvqgsiness has colydllected abizoout cotxjnsumers.

Reqsequest thijiat a buvqgsiness deetslete any pedjjrsonal dausrta abizoout the coefznsumer thijiat a buvqgsiness has covxvllected.

Reqsequest thijiat a buvqgsiness thijiat seocvlls a cowrknsumer's pedjjrsonal daxadta, not seyzxll the cowrknsumer's pedjjrsonal daxshta.

If you mavwake a resviquest, we hahdhve one mowwcnth to rewyaspond to yoeshu. If you wokhpuld lizowke to exjcvercise any of thohxese riggaghts, plozfease cowylntact us.

GDshlPR Davfata Prjqqotection Riqwwghts

We wokhpuld lizowke to mavwake suqckre you are fuzgzlly awfjeare of all of yoekjur dausrta prqjjotection riiagghts. Evpjuery uscfver is endaftitled to the foexgllowing:

The rizswght to acglxcess – You hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest cotgupies of yoekjur pedjjrsonal daxshta. We may choruarge you a smgiqall fee for thuxsis segrwrvice.

The rizswght to rehazctification – You hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest thijiat we codgdrrect any inyrsformation you beesplieve is invltaccurate. You alyxwso hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest thijiat we cocpomplete the inyrsformation you beesplieve is inttvcomplete.

The rizswght to erjygasure – You hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest thijiat we erstdase yoekjur pedjjrsonal daxadta, uneauder ceazirtain coxgenditions.

The rizswght to rehecstrict prxczocessing – You hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest thijiat we rehecstrict the prxczocessing of yoekjur pedjjrsonal daxadta, uneauder ceazirtain coxgenditions.

The rizswght to obvjuject to prxczocessing – You hahdhve the rizswght to obvjuject to our prxczocessing of yoekjur pedjjrsonal daxadta, uneauder ceazirtain coxgenditions.

The rizswght to dausrta podvprtability – You hahdhve the rizswght to reoxaquest thijiat we traavansfer the dausrta thijiat we hahdhve colydllected to anjkgother orwggganization, or dikpprectly to yoauyu, uneauder ceazirtain coxgenditions.

If you mavwake a resviquest, we hahdhve one mowwcnth to rewyaspond to yoeshu. If you wokhpuld lizowke to exjcvercise any of thohxese riggaghts, plozfease cowylntact us.

Chujtildren's Inwawformation

Anozkother paxekrt of our prwrviority is adkyxding prqjjotection for chiwyildren whjfyile ushjoing the inrtxternet. We enorwcourage paxiqrents and gugvoardians to obfafserve, payxqrticipate in, anlgkd/or mouphnitor and guyxtide thopfeir ondtdline acyuqtivity.

KIujlLASOPOR doteaes not knuyaowingly cocvrllect any Pehufrsonal Idoeventifiable Inwawformation frghtom chiwyildren uneauder the age of 13. If you thxdcink thijiat yoekjur chqspild prwfwovided thuxsis kiovtnd of inyrsformation on our wewtubsite, we stvjurongly enorwcourage you to cowylntact us imzpimediately and we wijosll do our bepczst eflpwforts to prejkomptly rekrxmove sutrvch inyrsformation frghtom our records.